Why Madeira Island is the ultimate digital nomads haven

If you are a full-time traveller or aspire to become one, you certainly have heard that all you need is a dream, a computer and a destination. But are all destinations suitable for remote work? Will any destination enhance a great experience? If you carry some stamps in your passport it is likely that you have faced some very challenging situations already. A weak Wifi signal is a classic of what can go wrong, but unexpected expenses, language barriers, unfriendly environment, loneliness or bureaucracy can also adversely affect your plans.

So, if you are looking for a place that suits your lifestyle, while you embrace a life-changing experience, you should consider Madeira Island as your next spot, and here’s why:

Work infrastructures: with nearly 100% broadband Internet coverage on the island, and a fairly high and consistent download speed, having problems with Internet is very unlikely. Almost all cafes, restaurants and hotels will offer the access for free not to mention that the entire historical area of Funchal offers free WiFi access just by logging in “Município do Funchal”. Should you need a space to meet others and do some networking, there are coworking spaces available in the city centre that, depending on your needs, can be arranged starting from €12.00/day or €122.00/month.

Good value for money accommodation: Madeira is well known for the quality of its hotels and there are plenty of accommodations to choose from taking budget requirements into account. If you are planning a long term stay in the Island, many self-catering accommodations or airbnb’s are available and cost-effective.

Affordable gastronomy: If you are interested in food, Madeira will not disappoint you. From fisherman restaurants to modern gastronomic experiences, you name it! The best part is that restaurants on average offer good value for money. And what can be better than good food at a good price?

Fun: the island has a vibrant atmosphere and many interesting places to visit and mingle with other travellers and locals. Nightlife is very active particularly during the weekend and there are popular festivities practically all year round.  Nothing can beat some exciting outdoor activities and the island has plenty of them to offer:  hikes, bike rides, 4×4, canyoning, paddleboarding, paragliding and many others. Hardly anyone can get bored here.

Inspirational places to visit: Madeira offers a mix of cosmopolitan and pastoral life. If you’re one of those who likes to climb the mountain in the morning, swim in the ocean in the afternoon and have a good glass of wine in a cool spot in the city at night, you’ve discovered paradise..

Madeira has an orography that will take your breath away at the first instant. Dramatic cliffs and waterfalls, mountains above the clouds, the intense blue sea that follows you at all times. The dense Laurissilva forest, promises to dazzle with each trail and levadas (the famous irrigation water channels).

Weather: Have you ever heard of the island of eternal spring? yup, that is Madeira! With a moderate temperature, at an annual average of 21.5ºC, this is the perfect place to be all year round. Summer is not very hot and winter is not very cold, besides, it does not rain often, so even in winter you can walk in light clothes and most likely go to the beach.
You only have to stay two or three weeks exposed to constant rain and fog to realise how much the sun and heat influence your serotonin and how blessed a climate like this really is. Maybe this is the secret that explains the next topic…

Friendly to foreigners: madeirans are known for their warm hospitality and genuine care, so don’t get suprised if very quickly Madeira starts feeling like home. Furthermore, the majority of people will be able to keep a conversation in english and in the hospitality area often in other languages too namely: french, german or spanish. 

Safety: Portugal is considered the third safest country in the world, within which, Madeira is one of the regions with the lowest crime rate.  Another significant matter is the absence of dangerous animal species, which allows to walk safely anywhere.

Walkability: if you decide to stay in Funchal, renting a car is unnecessary. The city is quite lovely to explore by foot and the island has a good bus coverage with 3 bus companies reaching all villages. This will allow you to make numerous hikes and get to know the island reasonably well. To go to the highest mountains though, a one day car rental, excursion or taxi will be needed. Being able to spend most of your stay car free  allows for savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Medical aid: there are many doctors and dentists  speaking english, and if necessary, your hotel reception can recommend one of them. Fuchal has several public and private hospitals with good infrastructures. It is advisable to take out a health insurance when travelling, although EU citizens can be reimbursed of most medical costs if they have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). For more information you can consult the official EU website: http://europa.eu/travel/healthy/index_pt.htm.

If Madeira has captivated a place in your heart but you need more information, get in touch via email: saopauloalegria@gmail.com 

Wish you lovely trips and hope to meet you soon!

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