Sustainability Policy

More than a hotel, we are a family, with centuries-old roots on the island of Madeira. We are part of the approximately 250 thousand people who call this naturally beautiful, unique and fragile place a home. An important part of our island’s ecosystem lies in the Laurissilva forest, UNESCO World Natural Heritage. As Madeirans and hoteliers we are its guardians.

We believe that travel has the power to bring people together, making them more tolerant and responsible. We also believe that, in the face of the enormous ecological crisis we are facing, all of us, either tourism agents and/or travellers, can and should play a fundamental role in raising awareness and valuing the Earth’s heritage. After all, what moves us to visit a destination if not what is most authentic, original and beautiful about it? Why not use the tools of tourism promotion to defend and protect heritage? We are certain that tourism can become a sustainable practice and take on a more educational aspect, and we, as tourism agents, also feel that we must act and be part of the solution. This is how the desire emerged to turn our informal practices into a more rigorous and certified work. The following Environmental and Sustainability Best Practices are our first step. The foundations for what will be the legacy to leave to the next generation of our family running ASPA Studios and to the future world travellers.

Our aim is to:
– Put into practice sustainable management of all our activities, through the reinforcement of commitments oriented towards the prevention of pollution, elimination or reduction of environmental impacts induced by our facilities and activities, internal and external;
– Optimising the sustainability of the establishment and guaranteeing the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and sustainable tourism;
– Reinforce the involvement of our employees, suppliers and guests;;
– Cooperate with the local community by establishing partnerships on a social and environmental level and by promoting the regional economy;
– Make the initiatives of the organisation known to the local population, integrating the community in them;
–  To maintain an attitude of cooperation and dialogue with the community while encouraging social inclusion, respect for diversity and the interest of all those involved;
– To reinforce the involvement of all our guests in our environmental and social responsibility practices;
We, the ASPA Studios, by implementing the basis of this policy guarantee to establish and fulfil a commitment to responsible tourism.

The Management,

Luísa and José Mendonça