Going Green

At ASPA we have a strong commitment in protecting Madeiran heritage, reason why we spend hours and hard work keeping the original features of our historical buildings and respecting the time and style on every refurbishment. But protecting our heritage should not be only about protecting the past, it must be about protecting the future as well, and passing a valuable legacy to the generations to come. As part of this commitment, in the last few months, we have been planning several actions and making some refurbishments to become more environmentally sustainable. With these changes, we expect to offer a higher quality experience to our guests while decreasing the carbon footprint. As we are excited with the results and about to start a new phase of this mission, we would love to share with you some of our improvements.

Reducing water consumption

By replacing taps and shower heads, the water wastage decreased approximately 40%

Reducing energy consumption

Solar panels and a recently installed heating pump allowed to decrease 15% on energy consumption

Temperature Control

Instead of air-conditioning the facilities are equipped with a super efficient ceiling fan with a remote control.

Garbage Recycling

All the garbage taken from the studios is separated and recycled .


We do not provide single use plastic utensils, our garbage bags are made of recycled plastic and our amenities provided in refillable containers


90% of our buffet breakfast ingredients are locally or nationally produced. Our goal is to reach 100%!


Our cleaning products are environmentally sustainable.


We reward all guests who help to reduce their carbon footprint.