Made in Portugal: Sustainable & Local products guide of Madeira

Buying local products is not only a way to support local businesses and artisans, but it’s also a way of keeping traditional crafts alive. At the same time you are investing in products that are made in a more responsible way, as they don’t need to travel thousands of kilometers to arrive in your hands. Plus most of the time the products are also made with local sourced materials.

In Madeira you will find a lot of traditional shops selling local crafts, but there has been a rise of new innovative designers who are bringing new ideas to the table. In this guide we want to highlight these new talents. Part of being a responsible tourist is learning from the local history, heritage and traditions and giving back to the local community. Today we give you the best kept secrets for unique, handmade and sustainable gifts made in Portugal, that you can carry back home with pride. 

  • Patricia Pinto Atelier

Born in 1976 in the city of Funchal, Patricia has been passionate about fabrics and everything that allows her to explore creativity in 3D since 7 years old. At the age of 17, she went to Lisbon to study Design and Fashion Communication, and after 6 years of working together with diverse Portuguese brands, she returned to her Madeiran roots. 

She is known for her unique, playful and colorful knitwear. You can visit her amazing atelier located just 2 streets from ASPA, and might even have the honour to meet Patricia working in her atelier in the back of her store!

Where? Rua Nova de São Pedro 56, Funchal 

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  • Sous

Mariana Sousa, the Madeiran owner of Sous, graduated in 2012 of Fashion and Textile Design, and returned to her homeplace Madeira with a strong and determined goal: to create her own brand. It was in 2013 when she created SOUS and opened her first store in Funchal. ​As she states, she began this journey with the intention of creating timeless, beautiful and unique pieces that instil confidence in each woman who wears it and celebrates handcrafted, artisan traditions.

Where? Edificio Oudinot, Loja 19, 1 Andar, Funchal

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  • Portugal Labels 

On the famous Rua da Carreira you will find this small store called Portugal Labels, and as the name says you will find a wide variety of curated Portuguese made products of high quality. From unique illustrations to handcrafted jewellery, sustainable clothing and vibrant home accessories.

Where? Rua da Carreira 92, Funchal

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  • Boutique Portuguesa 

Are you looking to take back a special gift for your friends and family? You’ve come to the right place! At Boutique Portuguesa you will find traditional Portuguese ceramics and porcelain, organic candles, natural cosmetics, children’s accessories, and you can even customize your gifts. They are open every day of the week from 10 to 19 hrs, and the lovely ladies at the store will be more than happy to help you find the perfect gift to bring back home. 

Where? Rua do Surdo 4, Funchal

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  • Saia da Mae 

This multi-brand children’s clothing store offers sustainable Portuguese brands located in the center of Funchal. If you are looking for the cutest high quality children’s pieces, you will love this store! When entering Saia da Mae you will meet the lovely owner, Valentyna who will enthusiastically tell you the stories behind each clothing piece. They have garments made out of organic cotton, plastic free packaging and even some items are naturally dyed, which makes them ideal for a kid’s sensitive skin.

Where? Loja de vestuário de criança (0-12) localizada na Rua da Carreira 152, Funchal

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  • Wicker It

Caterina Jesus is the face behind the brand Wicker It, which offers handmade products made out of Madeiran wicker. Caterina has given this historic craft a twist and has applied the technique to not only the traditional baskets and plates, but also to bags, earrings and necklaces. You can find her products in multiple stores, amongst others at Saia da Mae.

We love to see how traditions pass through generations, while applying innovation at the same time and without losing its essence.

Where? (Viveiro de Lojas) Largo do Corpo Santo 24 E, Funchal

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