Ecotourism in Madeira

Travelling to other countries is fun and opens you up to new perspectives and cultures. Besides exploring new landscapes and flavours, tourism can create tons of negative impact on our environment and our people. Today we bring you another way of travelling that can make a positive impact: ecotourism.


Travelling with consciousness

So before we dive deep into this topic, let’s define ecotourism or also called conscious or sustainable travelling. One definition of ecotourism is “the practice of low-impact, educational, ecologically and culturally sensitive travel that benefits local communities and host countries short and long term’’. This can be done by being part of activities that:⁠

  • Help conserve the environment⁠ and biodiversity
  • Support and sustain the well being of the local communities⁠
  • Involve you in building positive experiences that contribute to a conscious and informed lifestyle⁠


This sounds great, but is this even possible in 2021? The answer is YES!

Here in Madeira we are all about enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings in a respectful way, and luckily there are many activities there that support ecotourism! Here are our favourite things to do on Madeira that support our local communities and protect our environment at the same time.



Discover the four elements of Madeira



As an island, water is one of the main elements that characterise t

he activities that we have to offer. From enjoying the waves to exploring the depths of the oceans, the options are vast. Remember to put on your coral reef friendly SPF!


-Surfing and bodyboarding

-Paddle surf


-Snorkeling to look at marine biodiversity

-Whale and dolphin watching



The incredible Laurisilva forest will amaze you with its diverse flora and fauna. Whether you are on the top of a mountain or you are in the middle of the forest, be prepared for breathtaking experiences and landscape


-Enjoy the many hikes available around the island.

-Bird watching

-Discover the more than 2.000 types of plant species

-Visit a local agriculture farm



The highest point of the island is 1.862 m, and this makes it ideal for any flying related activities. If windsurfing is more of your cup of tea you might want to go to Funchal, Achadas da Cruz, Caniço, Santa Cruz, Machico, Caniçal, Paúl do Mar and Porto Santo, as these are some of the best locations for windsurfing throughout the year. 







Fire – Human connection

Madeiran people are known for their warmth and will welcome you with arms wide open. Besides enjoying a nice poncha or nikita with locals, we really encourage you to discover more about Madeira’s culture and heritage.

-Dance (or just watch) Madeira’s typical folklore dance

-Learn more about Madeira’s history from locals or museums

-Give back to Madeira volunteering at Associação dos Amigos do Parque Ecológico do Funchal.

-Connect with Madeira’s essence by doing yoga by the sea or in the mountains


Consciously staying at ASPA


At ASPA we are committed to sustainability. On the one hand, by protecting the historical legacy of our buildings, and on the other, by creating a legacy for the future, through the reduction of our carbon footprint. ASPA – São Paulo Studios, is certified according to the Biosphere standard as an environmentally friendly establishment. Please check our sustainability policy here to learn more about our commitment, and the latest steps we are taking towards a greener environment.


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