Discover the wonders of Madeira

We want to give you the warmest welcome to Madeira, an Portuguese island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, also known as the flower island. Located 860 km from Lisbon, this autonomous region is full of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, exotic fruits and a soft climate. If you have an adventurous soul, love to be one with nature and enjoy learning about traditional cultural heritage, Madeira is the place to be!


The oldest forest in Europe

discover madeira islandMost people know Madeira as a luscious green island with a wide biodiversity. You will find more than 3,000 different plant species, with 780 of those being native plants of the region. Did you know that Madeira’s indigenous forest is called the Laurissilva, and is one of the oldest wet forests in Europe that still remains? In fact 64% of Madeira’s territory is considered a protected natural reserve in which you can find unique plant species such as Laurel (Laurus novocanariensis), Mahogany (Persea indica), Madeira Laurel (Ocotea foetens) or Canary Laurel (Apollonias barbujana), amongst others. Since 1999 UNESCO has named the Laurissilva a World Heritage Site, being one of the habitats in the world with the highest rate of plant diversity per km².


Weather forecast: eternal spring with a chance of clouds


Curiously on Madeira you will find many different microclimates depending on where you are on the island, and naturally depending on the altitude you are located. You can enjoy mild to warm temperatures all year round, with an average temperature of 19 °C (67.3 °F) as it is known as the place of eternal spring, but beware that in the Northern part of the island, where the largest share of the natural reserve is located, the climate is more humid, hence more chances of cloudy and foggy days. We recommend to check the weather forecast for the exact location you want to go before hand, as it may be sunny where you are, but it can be raining and colder on the other madeira island


Madeira weather forecasts are difficult to predict and not always accurate. Of all the weather forecast sites, the one we consider that offers the most consistent results is

We use it whenever we go hiking, so we leave it here as a suggestion.



Funchal: the capital of the island


discover madeira island


In the middle of the south coast you will find the capital of Madeira; Funchal. Its enchanting stone streets and vibrant flowers on every corner will make you feel welcome right away. This city offers the best of both worlds, being small enough to walk through, yet up to date with everything you’ll need and more. Even though most touristic stays (such as ASPA) are located on ground level, be prepared to do some uphill walking! With that being said, here are our top 5 activities for an unforgettable stay in Funchal.


  1. Do a hike through a traditional levada, such as the Levada do Bom Sucesso or the Levada dos Tornos. You won’t need a car to get to these routes.
  2. Discover the wide variety of local flowers at the Botanical Garden, and enjoy the panoramic city view from above.
  3. Stroll through Funchal’s old town and enjoy it’s colonial architecture that dates back from the 1400, plus it’s multiple historic museums.
  4. Have some typical poncha (fruity alcoholic drink) and bolo de caco (garlic bread) next to a relaxing ocean view.
  5. Taste some exotic tropical fruits at the Mercado dos Lavradores, such as different types of passion fruit, dragon fruit, custard apple, medlar and other fruits you’ve never tasted before!


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Come experience Madeira and let all your senses travel with you!

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